A powerful word indeed. But what does it mean? It’s been pondered by humans for as long as it humans have been aware of it’s presence, seeking to understand the grandeur of it’s meaning.

Is it understandable in our state of human “consciousness”. Is it to one, what it is to all, or all what it is to one. Is it meant to be made sense of with the mind?

By definition in wikipedia, or a dictionary, it meaning is;

the state of being awake, or aware

the state of quality of awareness

Philosophers have studied and philosophized the meaning, and many still believe it to be unknown. Scientists have jumped on the quest to solve the puzzle of the meaning and in the past few decades, neuroscientists have sought out explore the understand through research and dedication. Is there an on/off switch to the powerful, yet still unknown meaning of the word?

We created Liquid Light to explore the meaning of consciousness. A discussion, an experience, a topic to be shared. From research to personal encounters we seek to shed light and inflict a response in the senses, and more than just the five we know.

Explore with us, share with us, and occupy your own journey on the quest of finding the consciousness light.