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  • Masaru Emoto

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    There are times that you come across things that are very inspiring and up lifting. Fortunately for me my social media is filled with with positive up lifting people and messages. People often sharing success and strategies to face adversity. My social media feed is a powerful group of people, and I fill invigorated every time I go online. I would encourage each and everyone of you to do the same thing, and eliminate anything that causes bad feelings inside of you and substitute it with people that make you feel good.  In fact a business that I follow shared a simple but deep image on their timeline that says it perfectly.


    To many this may seem like a simple message, however the results of adhering to it are profound. If we take check of how the people around us effect our thoughts and emotions for better or worse we would be amazed. In fact it reminds me of the Masaru Emoto experiment and how powerful the words of others can be on you.  Continue Reading…

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  • Practicing Consiousness



    “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.”
    ― Bob Marley


    It is easy to shed light on thoughts on consciousness and the depths of it’s meaning, and it is another thing to practice it. Allowing our minds to wrap around what consciousness can, does, or may include may be overwhelming.

    I would like to take a moment and define how it can play a very dynamic and important role in our everyday lives.  Are you conscious?  Of course a lot is happening; work, kids, friends, peers, stress, love and more. Life can become predictive. Habits are formed and soon we find ourselves living out of habit rather than presence, rather than in awareness, or in a conscious state.  You may think, “no, this is not me. I show up everyday to life and know I’m going through it.” But that is exactly it. It is not just the motions of life that make you conscious. Often times consciousness can bring about an array of feelings, which is also why some choose to remain unconscious.

    Three simple ways to practice consciousness everyday.

    1. Mindfulness. Presence in what you are doing. There are some many mindless tasks to easily get caught up in. Become aware of feelings, sensations and emotions for whatever it is you are doing. If you are washing the dishes, and you hate washing the dishes, don’t think about it disgruntled, experience it. Where is your mind? Bring it completely to the water that’s hitting your hands, the way you feel…are you annoyed, agitated. what thoughts are moving through your mind? Try and keep your focus on the actions you are doing, the way your breath is moving in and out, and again if your mind easily leaves to find something else to ponder, practice presence. It is not easy, but bring yourself back to it if you find you’ve deterred. That is presence. Awareness to know that you are drifting.

    2. Breathing. How ofter do you really pay attention to your breath. We all automatically do it, but are you really aware of it? Is your breath deep? Smooth? Short? Labored? Find 10 minutes in your day to focus on your breath. Spread this time into two five minute sessions. Step outside or into a quiet place a be aware of your breath. The mind will easily wander. It is up to you to keep the focus on your breath. Can you?

    3. Meditation. This word throws people of sometimes. They think, “I don’t know how to meditate” or “when I try my mind is never still”. Meditation is a practice. You do not choose to meditate and BAM! whoa! Meditation is a practice of keeping the mind still. If you cannot, but recognize when it wanders and bring it back to where your focus is (breath, candle, sound, etc), then you are meditating. Do not get caught up in the right and wrong ways to do something. That is the mind creating barriers. Consciousness is being aware of those barriers being created. You are present enough to know it is happening. And now you can alter moving forward with absolute awareness.

    Choose one of the above things to practice daily to start with. Add another when you are ready. Focus on the present and how things make you feel. Really listen to you spouse or you r child. If you are choosing to do something, be present in doing it.


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  • Cosmic Consciousness

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    I don’t think we can talk about consciousness, without talking about cosmic consciousness, and consciousness beyond earth. What does the mean exactly? Well it can mean many things.

    Consciousness is in many ways an abstract thought. For the most part we mean it as the act of being aware. So consciousness is not limited to humans, or animals, or even bugs. Consciousness is the mountains, the rivers and the earth itself. Though it is not easily detectable by our 5 senses, the earth is a living entity, and has a consciousness all of its own. And if this is true for the earth, then it must be true for the entire universe as well, for as above so below.

    And for the adventurous mind you can only imagine that this consciousness extends to other civilizations in space, yes aliens. Probability equations such as the Drake equation theorize that their are millions of potentially habitable planets in the universe, based on how many galaxies and suns are in our universe. Also considering the age of the universe, there is more than sufficient amount of time for species to evolve, and for civilizations to flourish.

    Well then why haven’t they visited us before?

    Perhaps they have.

    The popular demonized crop circles may shed more light on the situation than most think.  Continue Reading…

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  • Sacred Geometry

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    Have you ever heard of sacred geometry?

    Many have not, and most associate geometry with what they learned in high school. Though what you learned in high school is very meaningful, there is a lot they left out about geometry, and its significance in the universe.

    Geometry is proportions, and relationships. Different proportions and relationships fit together differently making different shapes. Well why is that significant?

    This is significant because from the smallest part of an atom, all the way to the great cosmos are these interrelated proportions that all life shares.

    There is an all encompassing equation that creates life, and creates these different layers of interconnected proportions.

    Though this has been something studied through history, there has been a revitalized interest in this subject, and a lot of people taking part in sharing it with others more recently. Through art and literature people have been bringing this ancient knowingness back too life and sharing it with the modern world.

    The coolest thing I have seen done with sacred geometry recently is car vinyl wraps. Cars will have these psychedelic shapes and patterns that almost hypnotize you as they drive by. You can check out a few of those here www.phoenixautowrap.com.

    There is a common saying that illustrates this shared proportional reality that many philosophers and scientist use, called “as above, so below.”

    As above, so below simply means that everything above is similar to that which is below. The stars share a relationship to the cells of a body, and to everything else in our reality.

    I’m sure you covered the golden ratio in high school and learned about the spiral it creates that looks similar to a shell. And learned that this spiral highlights proportional similarities to almost all living things.


    Continue Reading…

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  • The Observer

    There has been a phenomenon that has been studied for the last decade that really is baffling scientist and generating a lot of interest from the public. It’s called the observer experiment and it quantifiably changes the way we look at consciousness. In short the experiment has proven that the results of something change, when there is a conscious observer standing by. Let me explain.

    Scientist set up a machine to monitor the patterns that photons take as they pass through two slits. The pattern they found is peculiar, because it does not leave two lines on the back wall like they would have assumed would happen from the photons passing through the two slits. Rather it creates many lines on the back wall suggesting it’s passing through though the slits in a wave like pattern. The most interesting part of all though, is the fact that when scientist set up a camera to monitor this behavior the results suddenly changed. Instead of creating the many lines on the back wall, the photons created two lines like the scientist had originally predicted. The scientist then began to study the difference further between the experiment taking place under observation, and without, and concluded they yielded two very different results. This suggested to the scientist, that particles at the quantum level behave differently when they are being observed. Check out the video below for further details. Continue Reading…

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  • Where is consciousness?

    Where is consciousness located?

    To many this may seem like a silly question, but is it? For a long time people have associated consciousness with the brain. Like consciousness was simply just the thoughts in your mind. But science is now starting to support the age old wisdom that consciousness is not actually in the brain or even in the body, but rather separate from the body, entirely.

    There have been many ancient texts that have spoken of this concept, and elaborated on how consciousness is discovered through quieting the mind, and not using it. Many ancients believed that the mind was more of an animal quality, used for survival, and something that must be controlled in order to really tap into  true consciousness. A fully conscious person was and is still today in many schools of thought believed to be someone who can transcend the mind and tap into an awareness that is beyond thought. It is believed that beyond thought, exists the universal awareness that is commonly referred to as consciousness.

    For many this practice of quieting the mind proves to be too difficult and thus never attempted. The lifestyle of the Western World and many parts of the world lack the patience required to gain control over the mind and most people often find themselves in roles where the mind is aggressively overused.

    Many people strive for great things in today’s world, but gaining control over the thoughts in ones mind is not usually one of them.

    Continue Reading…

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  • Do You Dare To Dance?

    With all the many things trending these days and being posted all over social media, the story of Corona, California two year old, Finley Smallwood, has to be the most heartwarming of all.

    Finley who was born to her birth mother at 31 weeks with brain bleeding has been fighting ever since. She was formally adopted by the Smallwood family when she was 16 months old  and shortly after was diagnosed with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. They learned that she may  never walk and began doing in home physical therapy to help their new daughter. With the aid of her walker she is able to walk, however little Finley loves dancing!  Recently the Smallwoods have learned that Finley is a good candidate for a surgery known as Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy in St. Louis.  The surgery is best when done at the age of three which Finley will be turning shortly.  After friends of the Smallwoods saw her dancing to her favorite song “Better When I’m dancin” by Meghan Trainor they were inspired to create a video that has now gone viral, to help the family raise the 60,000 dollars needed for Finley’s surgery.

    The North Hollywood Fire department was the first to create a video of themselves dancing to  Finley’s favorite song and have since challenged the New York Fire Department to a dance video as well. The fundraiser, known as “Dare to Dance”, is in full effect, with many people from all over joining in the boogey!  

    With all the hate, shootings, and other havoc going on in the world, Finley’s story is inspiring and refreshing.  Seeing people from all over get into the spirit to help a little girl walk and dance one day, without the aid of a walker, is incredible.  The Smallwoods had no idea this would take off like it has and are beyond grateful for the outpouring of support.  If you would like to make a donation or get in the spirit and join in the dancing fun, check out 
    We would love to see your dance videos or hear your feedback on Finley’s Fight, so please share them with us here at Liquid Light.  We love seeing communities come together to help in the fight of something inspiring. Despite this little girl’s disability she is a glowing little light of life in a tutu.  If that doesn’t inspire good in this world, we don’t know what will.  We encourage you to join in Finley Smallwoods fight and help this little girl prosper.

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  • Welcome and Hello

    Hello and welcome to Liquid Light productions. It is the language of english that we speak but we say hello to all.

    • BONJOUR – French
    • HOLA – Spanish
    • HALLO / GUTEN TAG – German
    • CIAO – Italian
    • OLÀ – Portuguese
    • NAMASTE – Hindi
    • SALAAM – Persian (Farsi)

    We seek to find a bigger understanding in our presence. The presence more expansive than just the third dimension we occupy. Day to day we explore our lives through monotonous actions, actions suggested and encouraged by others than ourselves, and ourselves. We wake to do this thing we call life. Is this it? Through the progression of history lands have been explored, wars won, theories proven and disproven, and so on. Many humans, although not all, have had access to advancing technology, driving innovation and production, and discussion. One topic widely discussed, explored, and still not fully grasped or understood is the state of consciousness.

    We seek exploration of this state. In mind. In body. In Being. Taking the physicality out of the word, we transmute into liquid light on our exploration of the phenomenon of consciousness. Learn more about our site and what we will explore.


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