I don’t think we can talk about consciousness, without talking about cosmic consciousness, and consciousness beyond earth. What does the mean exactly? Well it can mean many things.

Consciousness is in many ways an abstract thought. For the most part we mean it as the act of being aware. So consciousness is not limited to humans, or animals, or even bugs. Consciousness is the mountains, the rivers and the earth itself. Though it is not easily detectable by our 5 senses, the earth is a living entity, and has a consciousness all of its own. And if this is true for the earth, then it must be true for the entire universe as well, for as above so below.

And for the adventurous mind you can only imagine that this consciousness extends to other civilizations in space, yes aliens. Probability equations such as the Drake equation theorize that their are millions of potentially habitable planets in the universe, based on how many galaxies and suns are in our universe. Also considering the age of the universe, there is more than sufficient amount of time for species to evolve, and for civilizations to flourish.

Well then why haven’t they visited us before?

Perhaps they have.

The popular demonized crop circles may shed more light on the situation than most think. 

crop-circlescrop circles

There is a ton of speculation on whether or not these designs in the crops are from humans or from intelligent species beyond earth. Don’t get me wrong, many of these crop circles are faux, and created by bored kids and adults in small rural towns. And some even by very crafty and creative artists.

However there are a few that show from time-to-time that really stun even the most skeptical of us.

Some crop circles appear over night with the most stunning detail and complex shapes, and truly appear to not be of this world. In fact, the strangest part about some of these is that the crops are not hurt at all. Typically the crops are bent and trampled during hoax crop circles. With what people are calling real crop circles, crops are gently and neatly laid down, as to not hurt or kill the crops. Even stranger, the crops actually have a magnetic pull to them that is detectable with modern equipment, suggesting that some type of technology created the crop circles. Instead of the typical wood plank system most hoaxers will employ.

Furthermore the crop circles are complex designs like we stated earlier, suggesting that the crop circles themselves are messages. As most people say, math is a universal language and many of these crop circles are embodying high level mathematics with their shapes and designs.

Some of these crop circles resemble equations, and significant numbers such as pie and phi, and some are sacred geometry and embody the building blocks of the universe. And some are maps of foreign star systems, and information about foreign species.


Once you look a little further into crop circles, and go beyond the traditional hoaxers you begin to see some pretty strange things. Like mentioned earlier the radiation and magnetic particles detected at some of the locations. Additionally the speed at which some of these are created, overnight, and sometimes within a few hours.

There is no denying that hoaxers can be savvy, but there seems to be something much stranger at work here. Many even suggest that the earth itself may be culprit for some of these works of art. Sounds crazy right?

Well it wouldn’t be the first time the earth created stunning designs on its own. Ever seen a snowflake?

The earth creates a resonance called the schumann resonance, and many think vibrations from the earth may be what is assembling some of these strange shapes. In subsequent posts we will discuss cymatics, but until then you can watch a cool video that sheds some light onto vibration, and what extraordinary effects it can have on assembling matter.

The higher the frequency, the more complex the shape.

Raise your frequency!