Have you ever heard of sacred geometry?

Many have not, and most associate geometry with what they learned in high school. Though what you learned in high school is very meaningful, there is a lot they left out about geometry, and its significance in the universe.

Geometry is proportions, and relationships. Different proportions and relationships fit together differently making different shapes. Well why is that significant?

This is significant because from the smallest part of an atom, all the way to the great cosmos are these interrelated proportions that all life shares.

There is an all encompassing equation that creates life, and creates these different layers of interconnected proportions.

Though this has been something studied through history, there has been a revitalized interest in this subject, and a lot of people taking part in sharing it with others more recently. Through art and literature people have been bringing this ancient knowingness back too life and sharing it with the modern world.

The coolest thing I have seen done with sacred geometry recently is car vinyl wraps. Cars will have these psychedelic shapes and patterns that almost hypnotize you as they drive by. You can check out a few of those here www.phoenixautowrap.com.

There is a common saying that illustrates this shared proportional reality that many philosophers and scientist use, called “as above, so below.”

As above, so below simply means that everything above is similar to that which is below. The stars share a relationship to the cells of a body, and to everything else in our reality.

I’m sure you covered the golden ratio in high school and learned about the spiral it creates that looks similar to a shell. And learned that this spiral highlights proportional similarities to almost all living things.


The ancients took particular interests in these proportions and sough to create art and architecture that captured the proportional brilliance of the universe.

They made their cities in the universes image.

They became obsessed with this understanding and wanted to create proportional soundness in all things they did, including in their music.

This relationship transcends physical shape and most interestingly, represents sound too.

For proportions, create different harmonic resonances.

Proportions are music, and certain proportions resonate notes that are more in tune than others.

The same proportions that create beautiful architecture also create perfectly harmonized music.

Music embodying these proportions are perfectly in tune. And many of the musicians of this era made their music in the universes image.

So it is almost as if the art, architecture, and music were all different forms of the same thing, proportional harmony. As above, so below.

The reason I bring this up today is to highlight an ancient fascination that stemmed from the Egyptians to the Romans, and all the way up to the forefathers who built the United States of America. And although proportions are still sought after in these fields, they are not honored and celebrated like they once were.

We no longer create our world in the image of the universe, and celebrate its proportional flawlessness in the same way. Although sacred relationships are still taught, it’s widely forgotten.

The flawless architecture that created the universe has its blue prints all around us, easily discoverable by mathematics. Clues to proportional composition that uses the fewest resources, to achieve the greatest achievements. The flower grows proportionally in a way that allows it to capture the most amount of sunlight while expending the least amount of energy. It’s proportional perfection.

Success leaves clues.

The universe has been successfully developing for trillions of years before we ever got here. And has left clues mathematically, as to how it has done so.

Unless we are somehow different than everything else in the universe, than we must learn to harness the same development principles that everything in nature has utilized before us.

Let conscious awareness, help us see what the universe has always wanted us to see, so we can thrive, like the universe has always wanted us to thrive.


Stay Conscious – Stay Connected