There has been a phenomenon that has been studied for the last decade that really is baffling scientist and generating a lot of interest from the public. It’s called the observer experiment and it quantifiably changes the way we look at consciousness. In short the experiment has proven that the results of something change, when there is a conscious observer standing by. Let me explain.

Scientist set up a machine to monitor the patterns that photons take as they pass through two slits. The pattern they found is peculiar, because it does not leave two lines on the back wall like they would have assumed would happen from the photons passing through the two slits. Rather it creates many lines on the back wall suggesting it’s passing through though the slits in a wave like pattern. The most interesting part of all though, is the fact that when scientist set up a camera to monitor this behavior the results suddenly changed. Instead of creating the many lines on the back wall, the photons created two lines like the scientist had originally predicted. The scientist then began to study the difference further between the experiment taking place under observation, and without, and concluded they yielded two very different results. This suggested to the scientist, that particles at the quantum level behave differently when they are being observed. Check out the video below for further details.

This experiment brings to question the nature of reality and how the universe operates. Like these findings suggest, the universe seems to be malleable and react to those around it.

This is not the only experiment that has raised questions about consciousness, and its affects on the surrounding area. Scientist have also used random number generators to test this same phenomenon.

Using a slew of different types of random generators scientist have come to discover that they too are affected by the presence, and even the thoughts of humans.

Random generators are simply just that, a machine that randomly generates a series of 1’s and 0’s, similar to flipping a coin and getting heads and tails. Just like flipping a coin, if they continue to generate 1’s and 0’s they will eventually generate about a 50/50 probability. The interesting thing however is that when people are trying to affect the results they can. If a group of people try and will for one specific result over the other, they can. Though it’s marginal, it has been successfully proven time and time again. This might possibly support the wishful thinking of avid gamblers.

Perhaps more interesting is the results they generated was when these random number generators were collecting data during catastrophic moments in history.

Early on Scientist had placed these generators in different parts of the world to see what sort of numbers they would generate. During moments of somber, these generators produced some of the most interesting results scientist have seen so far from any sort of generator.

During 9/11 and other catastrophes the generators created results that strayed far from the 50/50 that the generators typically produced. This suggest that during these times of heightened grief, the sad energy was transmitted somehow and picked up by the generators.

All of this leads scientist to believe that thoughts, feelings, emotions, and consciousness all have some sort of affect on the surrounding environment. Supporting the fact that we are much more capable of changing the world than what we are commonly taught.


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