Where is consciousness located?

To many this may seem like a silly question, but is it? For a long time people have associated consciousness with the brain. Like consciousness was simply just the thoughts in your mind. But science is now starting to support the age old wisdom that consciousness is not actually in the brain or even in the body, but rather separate from the body, entirely.

There have been many ancient texts that have spoken of this concept, and elaborated on how consciousness is discovered through quieting the mind, and not using it. Many ancients believed that the mind was more of an animal quality, used for survival, and something that must be controlled in order to really tap into  true consciousness. A fully conscious person was and is still today in many schools of thought believed to be someone who can transcend the mind and tap into an awareness that is beyond thought. It is believed that beyond thought, exists the universal awareness that is commonly referred to as consciousness.

For many this practice of quieting the mind proves to be too difficult and thus never attempted. The lifestyle of the Western World and many parts of the world lack the patience required to gain control over the mind and most people often find themselves in roles where the mind is aggressively overused.

Many people strive for great things in today’s world, but gaining control over the thoughts in ones mind is not usually one of them.

Although a direct experience with consciousness is not something many of us can reference because of what has been stated above. There have been other occurrences that have led science to acknowledge consciousness as something that exists in some form outside the body. One of these occurrences is near death experiences or NDE’s. Near death experiences are exactly what they sound like, someone experiences an instance in which they nearly die. Vital signs slow or entirely end, and the person is presumed dead for an instance. Then by some sort of miracle or medical procedure return to their body and have their vital signs come back to normal. Often times when these people return to their body they report an experience of being outside of their body, as if they were floating above everything. Other people report experiences with white lite and other strange phenomenon, but the act of floating above ones body is the most commonly reported thing among those who have experienced an NDE.

Just that alone is perhaps not that shocking, but the fact that these people report accurate accounts of what happened while they were apparently dead is the interesting part. Many people who have experienced a near death experience can state accurately what took place between others while they were apparently dead. They watched it happen from another point of view. This has stunned scientist and many people who are familiar with NDE’s because it simply goes against most of what we thought we knew about consciousness and awareness. The fact that people have awareness beyond death brings to question much of what we think we know.

There is a similar phenomenon where people are experiencing a point of view beyond their 5 senses called out of body experiences. Similar to NDE’s an out of body experience is exactly what it sounds like, people having awareness outside of their body and being able to see things outside of their body. This phenomenon has been tested and was actually adopted by the military during the cold war in order to spy on the Russians. With practice it is believed that most people are capable of achieving an out of body experience. In fact most people have had one of these experiences on accident during sleep, but often the sensation freaks people out causing them to retract back into their body. With practice though people are able to travel great distances consciously outside of their body. Instead of drifting to sleep, people who practice OBE’s drift outside their body and explore the world through an entirely new perspective. Similar to NDE’s people who have out of body experiences can report what happens around them while their body is unconscious. Many people have actually tested if people can see in other rooms, and even other countries, and the findings are out of this world. There is now enough evidence to confirm that your consciousness transcends your body in this state, and is able to observe the outside world.

NDE’s and OBE’s are just one phenomenon that is leading us to better understand what our ancestors seemed to understand quite well, consciousness is not limited to the body. Further posts regarding the observer phenomenon and other phenomenon will help shed light on the true nature of consciousness, at least to what point we currently understand it.


Thanks for reading.