With all the many things trending these days and being posted all over social media, the story of Corona, California two year old, Finley Smallwood, has to be the most heartwarming of all.

Finley who was born to her birth mother at 31 weeks with brain bleeding has been fighting ever since. She was formally adopted by the Smallwood family when she was 16 months old  and shortly after was diagnosed with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy. They learned that she may  never walk and began doing in home physical therapy to help their new daughter. With the aid of her walker she is able to walk, however little Finley loves dancing!  Recently the Smallwoods have learned that Finley is a good candidate for a surgery known as Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy in St. Louis.  The surgery is best when done at the age of three which Finley will be turning shortly.  After friends of the Smallwoods saw her dancing to her favorite song “Better When I’m dancin” by Meghan Trainor they were inspired to create a video that has now gone viral, to help the family raise the 60,000 dollars needed for Finley’s surgery.

The North Hollywood Fire department was the first to create a video of themselves dancing to  Finley’s favorite song and have since challenged the New York Fire Department to a dance video as well. The fundraiser, known as “Dare to Dance”, is in full effect, with many people from all over joining in the boogey!  

With all the hate, shootings, and other havoc going on in the world, Finley’s story is inspiring and refreshing.  Seeing people from all over get into the spirit to help a little girl walk and dance one day, without the aid of a walker, is incredible.  The Smallwoods had no idea this would take off like it has and are beyond grateful for the outpouring of support.  If you would like to make a donation or get in the spirit and join in the dancing fun, check out 
We would love to see your dance videos or hear your feedback on Finley’s Fight, so please share them with us here at Liquid Light.  We love seeing communities come together to help in the fight of something inspiring. Despite this little girl’s disability she is a glowing little light of life in a tutu.  If that doesn’t inspire good in this world, we don’t know what will.  We encourage you to join in Finley Smallwoods fight and help this little girl prosper.