Hello and welcome to Liquid Light productions. It is the language of english that we speak but we say hello to all.

  • BONJOUR – French
  • HOLA – Spanish
  • HALLO / GUTEN TAG – German
  • CIAO – Italian
  • OLÀ – Portuguese
  • NAMASTE – Hindi
  • SALAAM – Persian (Farsi)

We seek to find a bigger understanding in our presence. The presence more expansive than just the third dimension we occupy. Day to day we explore our lives through monotonous actions, actions suggested and encouraged by others than ourselves, and ourselves. We wake to do this thing we call life. Is this it? Through the progression of history lands have been explored, wars won, theories proven and disproven, and so on. Many humans, although not all, have had access to advancing technology, driving innovation and production, and discussion. One topic widely discussed, explored, and still not fully grasped or understood is the state of consciousness.

We seek exploration of this state. In mind. In body. In Being. Taking the physicality out of the word, we transmute into liquid light on our exploration of the phenomenon of consciousness. Learn more about our site and what we will explore.